Jose Diego (University of Cantabria)

Dr. Jose Diego-Mantecón received his M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics education from Cambridge University (UK). He is currently working from University of Cantabria and he has large experience on developing and working on international projects. He was part of the Millennium Mathematics Project (MMP) of the University of Cambridge, which is directed by the theoretical physicist and mathematician Jhon Barrow. As part of the MMP, Jose was responsible for several years of the Spanish version of the Maths Thesaurus Project, which is a thesaurus of school and undergraduate mathematics across different languages. Jose has an extensive background on the evaluation of comparative studies as well as on the design of methodological instruments for cross-cultural studies. In his last research project he has developed a valid instrument to evaluated student mathematics-related beliefs in Mexico, Spain, Slovakia, Ireland, England, and Cyprus (Diego-Mantecón, 2013). Nowadays, Jose collaborates on TIMSS. He was the Spanish representative on the last meeting of the project in Amsterdam (2012) for designing the mathematics items for TIMSS 2015. Apart from the above, Jose works in several national projects in Spain which aim to reach education. Email: Phone number: (+0034) 942 20 13 53.

Tomás Recio (University of Cantabria)

tomas Prof. Tomás Recio is a senior mathematics professor at the Universidad de Cantabria, currently working in the crossroad of computer algebra, algebraic geometry and its applications to automated theorem proving in elementary geometry (for instance, using the GeoGebra software). He has been for about a decade, the chair of the Consejo Escolar de Cantabria (Regional School Board) and member of the Consejo Escolar del Estado. At the international level, he has been the Spanish representative at the ICMI (International Commission on Mathematics Instruction) and has been involved in the ICMI-promoted Klein Project, as well as in the EU-funded projects Intergeo and Fibonacci, both related to Dynamic Geometry and Mathematics Education. Tomás has worked in the KIKS project as a coordinator.

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